The urge to lick and kiss

Babe Licking Ice CreamThe Free Internet

Even if I’m home with my parents, I’m usually home alone. And you guys know what happens, where to wander. YES that internet site. I’ve been looking for “How to do a BJ” or “BJ advice” and yes I came across with several advice. I often read the comments on what guys think about. Not having done such thing, I get frustrated when I think of doing it for the first time in a random guy I get to meet in a bar.

So there I search all the terms, if only there are tags that could go straight to such I must have done it. While searching and watching a couple of videos I get to touch on this site – and got several real things in there.

At first, I was just watching, swallowing every detail of advice I could get. Until, oops, I’m wet. I was in the dining table when I was watching it but the wind got me to my bed and do a little lady jam.

All the moaning in the site, I could barely resist to do myself. I especially picked the one  with little stories such as a little credit for the teacher, office work, pizza guy and the secretary for I know these are the ones that I would enjoy but mostly for the part that I want to know how to start to heat up things as well.

The Human In Me

As much as I fought against my will to do this lady jam for I haven’t flicked the bean for quite some time (2 months at most – and I was proud) but these sites have brought me here. (And yes, I brought myself to this site)

I’m sorry I couldn’t resist removing my pants and moaning to myself, these pleasurable things are just hard to resist.



I have yet to learn how to perfect things but then I realized having to talk about this with my guy friend. JUST DO IT. Nothing beats something natural, that which came from you. In watching these sites, I know I have lots to learn and seeing such would just be in my mind BUT it must be communicated by the body; otherwise, the knowledge of such thing remains in the intellect but not communicated by the body. That is why, I’d just hop in to every possibility once I get the chance to hang out with a flirty guy and just do it. Who knows how innate BJ is to me?




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